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Business English Test

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Business English Test

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This is a 30 question test and each test has new questions.

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Analysts said the acquisition would ....... earnings.

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A ....... will is a legal document that informs the doctor of what care you would like to receive in specific situations.

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I believe I have very good ....... for suing your company for negligence.

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He mumbled throughout his speech so I could ....... understand a single word.

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Young workers should begin ....... now in preparation for retirement.

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When you read something you've written on the computer screen, it often looks all right although you should always … it first

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I very much regret that we must ....... company on that issue.

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When you look at the modern office today you could compare the changes with those that took place in the industrial ....... in the 19th century.

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You have been asked to reply to a letter “ASAP”. What do these four letters mean?

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I know I shouldn't have made those remarks about your work and I hope you now know how deeply I ....... what I said.

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In formal letters, what should you write as a salutation when you do not know the person? Dear...

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....... planning is the general planning of an individual's wealth, along with the arrangements for his will and taxes after his death.

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Can you help please because I've lost my way and ....... to get to the shops before closing time?

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It was a big ....... for her to give up her acting career to look after her family.

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The government has changed its policy and had a complete change of ........

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I've warned you before that you shouldn't get involved in this matter and you have ....... business discussing it.

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Following some recent research our engineers ....... that our index system has scope for fast improvement.

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Plans have already been drawn ....... to deal with such situations.

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The circular will contain ....... financial information to help investors

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Have you ever tried your ....... at running a business?

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Your ....... concern is naturally the plan but don't forget your capital or your premises.

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You have received a letter with "c/o" in the address. What does this mean?

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I'm ....... you all the way as far as that's concerned

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That's really not my concern at all and I'm certainly not ....... the business of telling others what to do.

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They went ....... business shortly after their children had left home and got married.

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You can ....... on me for your support.

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I'm really not satisfied with the way you have ....... the situation.

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You are writing a letter to a female and you do not know her marital status. What should you write?

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Bill: Sure. Would you ....... use my cell phone or the one in my office?

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When people are considering whether to loan your new business a substantial sum, they are going to ....... your potential.

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