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Essay and Text Writing Tasks

Essay and Text Writing Tasks

Improve your writing skills with us! We offer essay and text writing tasks – such as; writing letters, essays and reports. With our tasks you will be able to improve your writing skills, increase your vocabulary and gain a better understanding of the use of tenses, idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs. Our writing tasks are great for all people; students, professionals, exam takers, travellers, retirees, teachers and medical staff.

Our writing activities can prepare you for the IELTS, CAE and other school exams. We are fully trained in IELTS and we can provide you with specific writing tasks just as you would expect in the IELTS exam. Our general essay tasks are also excellent for anyone who really wants to improve their written skills in English.

Essay and writing correction and advice

When you complete your writing task, you can return it to us by email and we will read it and mark it. We will correct mistakes, advise how you can change things and suggest new words. Our aim is to ensure that you eventually will be able to write English texts with no difficulties and that you can perform in exams such as the IELTS very well.

What you will receive from us

You will receive a writing trask by email – the task will include a question that will ask you to write a short essay, maybe a letter or even a report about a specific subject.  All of our writing tasks can be adapted to your needs. If you are preparing for the IELTS exam, then do tell us and we will prepare your task with that in mind. All other writing tasks are similiar and they are aimed to help you in the business, academic and personal life. Each writing tasks will ask you to write about 250 words about the subject question we send you.

What to do after you receive your writing task

You need to carefully read the question and understand the information you will be expected to write about. You need to prepare your writing task, maybe by taking writtten notes focussing on grammar elements such as articles, tenses, idiomatic expressions and sentence structure.  When you are ready you should start writing your 250 word document whilst always remembering that you are answering the question that was sent to you.  When you complete your writing task you should return it by email to us and we will comprehensively check your work and correct each part as well as comment on all of the areas we feel that you need to improve. You have up to 14 days to complete each writing task.

If you order 5 writing tasks

We will send you one writing task at a time. As soon as we mark your writing task, we will send you the next writing task by email.  You have up to 14 days to complete each individual writing task.

Follow these steps to start using our service:

  1.  Firstly, fill in the writing task enrollment form below.
  2.  Secondly, make payment for the number of writing tasks you would like to do. (you will be sent a new writing task only after each task has been completed)
  3.  You will receive your writing task by email as soon as payment is completed.
  4.  When you complete your writing task, you return it by email to us for marking.
  5.  We mark your writing task and return the marked copy to your email.

Writing Enrollment

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Pay for your writing task/s

  • One writing Task - 250 Words  —  £19.99
  • Five writing Tasks - £14.99 each  —  £74.95

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